You are currently viewing 7 Best Doberman Breeders in North Carolina [2022]

7 Best Doberman Breeders in North Carolina [2022]

If you’re looking for the Best Doberman Breeders in North Carolina, then your search is over. Dog owners who want an intelligent dog and don’t mind if it’s slightly aggressive should consider getting a pup from these wonderful canines!

Doberman Pinschers are typically depicted in movies as angry and snarling guard dogs, but this isn’t always true. The best breeders of the North Carolina-based Dobe pets raise quite friendly puppies which accounts for their growing popularity among pet owners!

Best Doberman Puppies For Sale in North Carolina

The Doberman was bred for protection and has an aggressive nature. They are not socialized by breeders, so it’s typical that these dogs will be more bark than bite when seen in crowds or in new situations where they feel threatened.

But we’ve done our own research to help North Carolinians find the best Dobermann breeder practices around – because you deserve nothing less than excellence from your pup!

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All of these reputable farms take care during the breeding season (which lasts about six weeks) with proven techniques that ensure both healthiness AND sociability among puppies raised here; traits desirable since this type can sometimes get lonely.

1. PuppySpot Dobermans North Carolina

PuppySpot Dobermans North Carolina

If you and your family are still unsure about whether to raise a Doberman, then browse through PuppySpot’s platform for all breeds. There’s an endless variety of options available including popular purebred dogs like these ones!

PuppySpot is the only North Carolina-based Doberman resource that provides easy access to all types of puppies. With their helpful search tools, finding your perfect pup will be a breeze!

They have comprehensive lists for breeders practicing in specific areas so you can find an adorable bronze boy or female black Labrador easily without waiting on long waitlists too–Puppies are born here which means they’ll get delivered straight away instead of having patience while also avoiding brokers who take advantage buyers looking just need something quickly online than selling them what might not actually work.

Since the vast majority of people are wary about puppy mills and backyard breeders, it is no surprise that many choose to purchase their Doberman from a licensed breeder. However, there’s one problem with this: unethical dealers who may not be willing or able to provide your pup with everything they need for healthy growth–including an inspection!

That’s where PuppySpot comes in; since we have strict guidelines all our own (including 100 point inspections), you can rest assured knowing he’ll come complete With papers including health guarantees.

Doberman Breeder Details

2. Dockstader’s Dobermans & Cane Corsos North Carolina

Dockstader’s Dobermans & Cane Corsos North Carolina

Dockstader’s motto, “Committed to Excellence,” speaks volumes about the dedication of this breeder. They raise intelligent and affectionate Doberman Pinschers in Union County North Carolina who are also easy-to-manage with formal obedience training!

If you find a puppy that catches your eye on their site under ‘Available Puppies,’ add them quickly because one staff member will get back directly regarding whether or not we can continue corresponding before making any commitment purchasing locally.

The team at DobermanPuppies4Sale is more than happy to answer any questions you might have about their service before preparing the right paperwork for adoption. They offer flexible meet-ups times so that new family members can get physically familiar with each other, as well as shipping services if they live outside of Texas where these dogs are bred or vaccinated locally first!

The Dobermans usually go around $2000–but because this breed has become quite popular recently (and prices tend to vary depending on demand), expect them to cost slightly less when available.

Doberman Breeder Details

3. Southern Paws Dobermans

Southern Paws Dobermans

Why choose just one when you can have a whole pack? Southern paws breeders are experts at raising happy, healthy Dobermans in Clarendon North Carolina. They’ve been around for some time and know-how to match the perfect bloodline so every pup is guaranteed not only safe but also generally intelligent!

You’ll receive AKC registration on your new friend as well; it’s a pretty straightforward adoption process- all available dogs come complete with photos online or information about future litters down below.

Message the breeder on one of their posts and drop your email to join this waiting list so you can get in touch with them soon. These owners are easy-going, understanding people who love Doberman Pinschers just as much we do! You don’t have any questions yet?

They’re pretty patient guys; they’ll respond quickly when we talk about pricing or fees–although there isn’t really an option for those things because these dogs come fully equipped (but not priced).

Doberman Breeder Details

  • Address: 620 Ed Ward Road, Clarendon, NC 28432.
  • Telephone: + 1 910-625-5762
  • Social Media: Facebook

4. Lucky Puppy Kennel North Carolina

Lucky Puppy Kennel North Carolina

If you’re looking for a loyal and fun pet, then look no further than these adorable Doberman pups! You can find either male or female puppies at Lucky Puppy Kennel in Salisbury.

They will be eager to please their new family members with open arms once they’re adopted onto yours; all of them come pre-spoiled (that means trained) too so there’s nothing else needed on your end other than love–which we know is something everyone has plenty enough already.

Lucky Puppy Kennel is all about getting you the best Dobermann puppy possible. They want their customers to be able and involved in choosing what they will get, so there are photos of every dog on-site–and if something catches your eye then just request it!

Doberman Breeder Details

5. Valor Doberman Puppies

Valor Doberman Puppies

There’s nothing quite like a majestic European Doberman. The puppies from Valor are just as beautiful and perfect for any pet lover!

With careful techniques, they’ll find your perfect dog while providing all of the information you need to make an informed decision on this important purchase.

The majestic Valor Doberman puppies are the perfect pet for any lover of dogs. These highly intelligent, physically fit, and beautiful canines come from a breeder who uses careful techniques to produce smart pups with strong personalities!

You’ll find all information about your new pup on their site including how old they were when vaccinations began or what registration markings mean in addition detailed introductions into each personality type so you know exactly which one would be great as gifts around birthdays etc.

The fee for their dogs is $3000, but you can save money by shipping them across state lines. If that’s not enough incentive to get your new best friend from North Carolina all the way down here in Florida with us then I don’t know what else could be!

Doberman Breeder Details

6. Husky Palace

Husky Palace

Husky Palace is a breeder of high-quality Dobermans with friendly temperaments. They have been in business since 2005 and are pros at achieving their goals!

All dogs come equipped with AKC registration, up-to-date on vaccinations when you’re ready for them too–this one might be the oldest Doberman breeders North Carolina has ever seen.

Doberman Pinschers are an intense, high-energy breed that needs the right type of owner. They’re not for everyone!

But if you have experience with this kind of dog and would like to learn more about them before reserving your pup (or buying one from someone who has just had their litter), then fill out our questionnaire today – we’ll let y’all know when there’s space available in next month’s batch so no time goes wasted waiting on line again!”.

Doberman Breeder Details

7. Chappell’s Unique Dobermans

Chappell’s Unique Dobermans

Chappell’s Kennel is passionate about raising friendly, intelligent Doberman Pinschers that are a delight in every home. For 16 years they have come to understand what it takes for their dogs to be well-rounded companions – offering full registration with the American kennel club (AKC) as well regular veterinary checks and vaccines when you’re ready to pick up your new friend!

When you go to meet the Doberman puppy at their new home, they’ll be eager and wagging tales. They want nothing more than for this meeting with people in order to take place so that it can get its fill on love! For pricing information or shipping details contact directly with these breeders – there isn’t anything else needed from me.

Doberman Breeder Details

  • Address: 506 Richmond Road, Rockingham, NC 28379.
  • Telephone: +1 910-995-6018
  • Social media: Facebook

8. Absolutek9s 

The absolutek9s are a family-owned business dedicated to helping their Dobermans find homes forever. They have been involved in breeding dogs since 2000 and continue striving for excellence by cross-matching with other reputable kennels, expanding the number of breeds they offer on-site or through social media channels so that potential owners can see what kind of pup will suit them best before making an already difficult decision even harder!

The Doberman Pinschers are a powerful, yet gentle breed. They have been known to be either excellent guard dogs or great family pets with their dependable nature and affectionate personalities!

The puppies will receive all vaccines necessary for them to grow up healthy canine companions that you can proudly show off at any event–from birthday parties in your backyard on summer weekends right through winter coat drives near street corners when it’s cold outside so everyone knows what kind of warm-hearted person lives here.

Doberman Breeder Details

Conclusion For The Best Doberman Breeders in North Carolina

Dobermans are one of the most popular breeds in North Carolina. So, it’s important to find a good breeder who can answer all your questions and give you an insight into what type of personality this dog has before adopting one home with them!

A little research will help ensure that not only do they have healthy pups available but also ones that match up nicely as far temperament goes–you don’t want any excitable puppies if speed isn’t really their thing either.

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