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5 Best Doodle Rescues in Florida [2022]

There are plenty of Doodle rescues in Florida that you can work with to bring a dog home. All it takes is finding out about the ones near your area and then getting them approved by their board before adopting.

Goldendoodles, Labradoodle, and Bernese doodle are all very popular breeds of dogs that people can choose from when they want to bring a new member into their family. You may also consider adopting an already bred-in breed such as this one.

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When you’re looking for a Doodle in Florida, it can be hard to find one that’s not already taken. However! Due to the pandemic and rise of popularity among doodles, many people prefer these dogs over others because they are easygoing temperaments with hypoallergenic hair textures which mean no shedding at all – but this also makes them more difficult than most other breeds on pet adoption lists today since there isn’t enough space available where I live (or anywhere else).

1. Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective

Doodle Rescues in Florida

The Oodles of Doodles organization in the Southeast has several locations throughout Florida. They offer doodle services near Boca Raton, so you can find your perfect pet and bring it home more quickly.

 Not only does this place not house dogs but they also work with foster families until adopted into someone’s household just like yours for good measure too-making them an ideal spot if searching around or starting over again on occasion.

The organization saves dogs from southern kill shelters in Florida and helps them find their forever homes. You will need to go through an application process, provide referrals of people who can care for your new dog once you receive it; there are also requirements that must be met before they allow homeowners to take on this awesome pup.

Doodle Rescue Contact Information

2. IDOG Rescue

Doodle Rescues in Florida

This organization is dedicated to Labradoodle and Goldendoodle dogs that are located all across America. They don’t have a specific location in Florida, but you will find some awesome pooches ready for adoption here.

We all know how expensive it is to maintain a dog. It’s not just food and vet care, but also their daily needs! That’s why we’re here at The Labradoodle & Goldendoodles Company-a one-stop-shop for everything your pup desires; including helping you find the perfect match in Florida or anywhere else throughout America.

IDOG Rescue is a non-profit organization that has been around since 2006. They rescue dogs from shelters or those who need help with rehoming, and they work closely together to make sure each dog gets the home he deserves.

You can find their mission statement on our website – it’s worth checking out what this group stands for because you know your pet will be well-taken care of too if needed.

Doodle Rescue Contact Information

3. Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Doodle Rescues in Florida

The Poodle and Pooch Rescue are located in different parts of the country. They have a location near Florida that offers dogs who need help, like those with medical conditions or neglectful pasts; they also take donations for their cause.

The best part? You can visit them at an adoption center–you might be helping out some sweet pooches too.

With Poodle and Pooch, everyone is a volunteer. They all help with the rehabilitation of Doodle dogs that come in – once they’re ready for new homes it’s their job to find them one.

If you need somewhere safe or peaceful where your pet can thrive again then this organization has exactly what y0u are looking for healthy pups from good families waiting patiently until someone falls head over heels gratitude compatible hearts.

Doodle Rescue Contact Information

4. Good Karma Pet Rescue

The doodle dog is a small animal that needs extra care to get them into their forever homes. They’re based out of South Florida and founded in 2011, which means they’ve been around for quite some time.

Good Karma Dog Rescue is an organization that provides all of the medical care needed for dogs and cats, including paying for vaccinations. They also provide food & grooming services as well as rehabilitation in order to find them theirs forever home.

Every animal stays with foster parents until they’re ready – so you know your new pet will be socialized enough when it comes time to fold him or her into our family lineup.

Doodle Rescue Contact Information

5. Big Dog Ranch Rescue Florida

Doodle Rescues in Florida

Big Dog Ranch is not just a shelter, it’s an oasis for dogs in need. The staff here work hard every day to find homes that will give them all the love they deserve and then some.

They have spacious kennels with plenty of room to run around as well as excellent facilities like pool parties or noseeum games (I don’t know what those things are) which encourage playtime between fellow pooches who disagree on size.

The application process to adopt a dog from this facility is intense and rigorous, but if you’re ready for the commitment then it’ll be worth every second of your time in their care.

These dogs get plenty of socialization so they can thrive while being trained by professional staff who know what needs fixing when things go wrong – like any other animal on earth.

Doodle Rescue Contact Information

Rescuing and Adopting a Doodle

Rescue Doodles need you to be theirs forever home! They are abused, neglected, or abandoned by the only family they’ve ever known. These doodle dogs have been through so much and will require proper care in order for them to live comfortably into old age with love from those that take responsibility for being able to provide this life handed down through generations.

Doodles are just like any other dog and need plenty of exercises. This can be difficult if you work all day or have children, but there is still time to take your doodle on walks every few hours.

You should also spend some quality playtime with them so that they don’t get too bored while at home by themselves-it only takes one mistake before things start going missing around the house because its owner was neglectful in their duty as manager

The doodle breed is a great choice for those who want to have an active, playful pet. These dogs come in all different shapes and sizes so make sure you’ve got enough space available when adopting one.

Some might be tiny mini-doodles or standard grownups – but other large Doodles can weigh up into furniture-worthy territory (and take longer than 15 minutes out of your day).

A dog’s bark is an important part of its personality. While some people might find it annoying or even disruptive when they live next door to someone who loves dogs and lets them out every day at four pm sharp for short walks then runs back inside before six candle marks so as not to bother anyone else – we think all those barking sounds make up one-third lifeblood in our society.

Adopting a Doodle is just like adopting any other pet – you need to research the history of it. This means that if your new friend comes from an abusive home or has been mistreated in some way, then there could be problems waiting for you at home.

You’ll also want extra supplies on hand because these doodles may struggle with accommodation issues due to their past trauma experience.

Conclusion for Doodle Rescues in Florida

Taking on a Doodle from an already established home means you’re taking the chance of adopting one that has been mistreated or needs special care. They may have been abused, neglected, and struggled in their previous homes because they were not given enough time to develop properly before being placed into new surroundings with people who can’t give them what is needed to thrive as normal puppies would do so naturally at this age-level interaction between human/canine pairings should always be done responsibly.

Adopting a rescue Doodle means you’re giving the dog a second chance in life. In addition, it also gives them an opportunity to see that humans can be great people and deserve love too.

You’ll make their day when they find out how much fun being around Humans actually is – who knows? Maybe even get your whole family involved by adopting from one of these awesome Florida doodle Rescues organizations.

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