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12 Best Low Phosphorus Dog Foods for Kidney Disease [Review]

If you’re a dog owner, then you know that your pup requires a special diet to ensure they stay healthy and happy. And if your dog has been diagnosed with phosphorus deficiency, it’s important to know about the best low phosphorus dog foods on the market. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what phosphorus is and why it’s essential for dogs, as well as list some of the top-rated low phosphorus foods available. So whether you’re looking to switch your current food or are just starting to research options for your pup, read on for all the info you need!

Phosphorus is a critical component of many bodily processes. It aids in the production and transport of energy, along with motor functions such as walking or chewing your food. Phosphates also help maintain proper kidney function by acting like an amphoteric molecule: able to be both attracted and repelled depending on what pH level it resides at (between 0-14).

Though phosphorus is a necessary nutrient, sometimes it can be damaging to dog health. Too much of this mineral often lead dogs down roads of kidney failure and diseases such as Rickets or Nephritis.

While there are cases where low levels in your pup might cause problems too, it’s more likely that you’ll have an issue if he/she consumes food high on the list for overall PTH than just plain old “high” amounts like 20+%.

This article will help find out what foods may lead towards those conditions by examining each ingredient separately with comparisons made against others similarly formulated recipes.

Why Low Phosphorus Diets Can Help

When the kidneys stop working properly, toxins can build up in your blood. One of these is phosphorus which causes a loss of appetite and energy if it accumulates too much! However, there are medications that will bind this nutrient so you don’t experience any negative side effects from over-accumulation.

Meds like Avandamet have been shown to reduce psychological symptoms such as depression or anxiety when taken with other bisphosphonate drugs used for osteoporosis treatment.

Special diets can help lower the amount of phosphorus building up in your bloodstream, and this is accomplished with low-phosphorus foods. However, there may be fewer side effects than when taking medications alone; some people find it difficult to tolerate certain foods on their prescribed diet though because they are so specific about what needs loving from them!

Benefits of Low Phosphorus Dog Foods

Dogs with kidney disease need to find the right balance of proteins in their diet. There are many brands and types for this, depending on how severe or mild you think your dog’s condition might be. A high protein meal will help ease symptoms while low phosphorus foods can keep them at bay if they’re not too bad yet!

High-Quality Protein and Low Phosphorus Dog Food

Dogs have a special relationship with food. It’s no different for high-quality protein dog foods, which can benefit your pup in many ways! For example, these types of canine diets may improve hair and coat texture; develop lean muscle mass – even if you’re petting grandma on the couch at 2 pm (Pitbulls love this!), or boost their immune system so they are less prone to health issues later down the line when it comes time to take care of us, humans, again someday.

Low Phosphorus Dog Foods

A quick note: The benefits don’t stop there though because proteins found in meat sources also assist dogs while we age by helping maintain our muscles over timekeeping pit buns from losing any significant amounts of weight along with his/her lifespan.

If your dog is showing signs of kidney damage, low phosphorus and high protein diet could be beneficial. Protein builds up in the body if there isn’t enough filtering by kidneys which can lead to more problems down the line for your pup!

Low Protein and Low Phosphorus Dog Food

A low phosphorus diet can help a dog’s kidneys stay healthy by taking some of the load off, and it’s been shown that this will slow down kidney disease progression as well.

A special type of food with minimal amounts in everything like phosphorus or protein is perfect for those who have had to adjust their own diets thanks to illnesses such as stage 4 chronic renal failure!

The ideal diet for dogs with renal failure is low phosphorus and protein-based food. We should reduce sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure or damage the kidneys even more than they’re already damaged due to their illness (renal dysfunctions).

A high-sodium or salt diet is a major cause of AKA. Dogs with renal failure should be on diets low in phosphorus and protein while supplementing omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil can help strengthen the immune system as well support heart health by decreasing joint pain and increasing immunity to illness!

There are many options available for prescription drugs at veterinary hospitals like Hills Prescription Diet Feline Renal Failure canned food that has just enough potassium without any added hormones. So, your furry friend gets everything they need minus extra sodium if you’re concerned about his blood pressure getting out of control again soon after beginning treatment because now we know more than ever before just what foods he shouldn’t eat too often anymore – fortunately though not all hope may seem.

Prescription Low Phosphorus Dog Foods

Low phosphorus prescription dog foods require a veterinarian’s prescription to purchase and can be bought online with the required information, but only if it’s available. Several types of these low-phosphorus diets are safe for dogs who have had kidney issues in their past or present; however not all food brands work this way so check first before you buy!

1. Hill’s Prescription Diet – Kidney Care

Hill’s Prescription Diet – Kidney Care

Chicken by Hill’s Science Diet is created specifically for dogs. The goal of this food is to support kidney and joint health, as it has 0% glucosamine (or other supplements), omega fatty acids that help with skin & coat condition or treat symptoms like dryness caused by Arthritis.

This product will improve your dog’s ability to jump around in the short term 21 days after starting on the diet while also containing appetite stimulants so they don’t feel hungry when there are no nutrients available due to an issue with one part – kidneys!!

  • To keep your kidneys healthy, a low phosphorus diet (0.32%) is recommended by experts
  • Lowering your sodium intake will help keep your blood pressure down
  • Lowering your intake of salt will help keep the blood pressure down
  • The most popular weight loss supplement on the market, Xenical is also a great appetite stimulant.
  • Some dogs may not like the taste of this food

2. Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet is a specially formulated dog food that improves kidney function and overall health. The low phosphorus levels in this meal control can help to reduce the work your pup’s kidneys have to do, which means they will be less tired after eating it! It also offers omega-3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants for the betterment of animal general wellbeing – all without having an adverse effect on their urinary system like you might expect with some other products out there today.

This brand is also grain-free. One of the reasons why a dog’s diet can be beneficial to them is because they could limit allergic reactions and inflammation from those kinds, soy being an irritant for many dogs included in this case too!

  • Phosphorus is a mineral that helps with the function of your kidneys
  • A low sodium diet can reduce high blood pressure
  • Low protein intake is not good for our kidneys
  • It is grain-free and soy-free so it can reduce inflammation in the body without any negative effects on your health
  • Not available in different sizes of kibble
  • These high-quality products are more expensive than other brands

3. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet with Renal Support

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet with Renal Support

This dog food contains a number of ingredients that help to improve flavor and smell as well as encourage your pup’s appetite. It also includes antioxidants, fish oil for joint health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties which is great if you’re looking after their paws!

This brand features low phosphorus levels so it will be good on both taste buds AND kidney function; plus there isn’t much protein in this kibble (0% max), making them perfect choices whether they are young or old dogs who need more care when eating dry meals.

  • Phosphorus is a mineral that the body needs to function properly
  • A low-protein diet can help the kidney work less to process waste
  • This formula is designed to reduce inflammation
  • Sweet and tangy with the perfect amount of spice
  • That’s what makes it so hard to find!
  • Expensive compared to most brands

Prescription Low Phosphorus Wet Dog Foods

4. Hill’s Prescription Diet with Kidney Care

Hill’s Prescription Diet with Kidney Care

Prescription Diet is a great option for your dog to help improve kidney and joint function. With low phosphorus levels, this food helps dogs balance their blood pressure while reducing the risk of osteoporosis or other bone-related disorders in old age!

“Prescription Diets are formulated by experts to extend quality life-saver every moment with Prescriptions!”

  • Phosphorus is vital for the creation and maintenance of bones
  • One of the key ways to prevent high blood pressure
  • The magic of these ingredients is that they work together to support healthy joints
  • A stimulant to increase appetites, such as dextroamphetamine or cocaine
  • This product is perfect for all breeds of dogs
  • Some dogs have sensitive tastes; they won’t like them
  • Expensive foods are often more complex to make than other types of wet or dry dog food

5. Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Kidney Support Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Kidney Support Wet Dog Food

The Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet with kidney support is a great option for pets who need to be on a low phosphorus diet. This wet food includes omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and proteins in an easily digestible form that your dog will love!

It’s balanced so you don’t have to worry about them getting too many carbohydrates or having their glucose levels raised when it comes time to feed again soon.

  • Phosphorus is important for kidney function
  • Low sodium is a great way to reduce your blood pressure
  • Grain-free and soy-free, which reduces inflammation to help you feel your best
  • More expensive than other brands

7 Non-prescription Low Phosphorus Dog Foods

Your dog’s diet is very important to their health and well-being. Some dogs will need the specialized nutrition of prescription low phosphorus dog foods, while others’ needs might be met by over-the-counter brands; it all depends on what type of breed you have!

6. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Dog Food

This senior dog food is made with high-quality protein sources, providing muscle support. Specially formulated for older adult dogs and containing chondroitin & glucosamine – both of which can help reduce inflammation in joints as well maintain mobility!

Because it has 0.6% phosphorus content (less than most other brands), this cuisine could potentially aid kidney function too; making sure your pet stays active into his golden years!

Finally, there are omega fatty acids added just so you don’t have joint pain.

  • This is low phosphorus (0.6%) food, which means it’s satisfactory for kidney health
  • This product contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which help maintain your dog’s mobility
  • The older a dog gets, the more difficult it is for them to maintain their coat
  • Can cause inflammation and allergies
  • Lower in carbohydrates

7. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet

This high-quality protein food is great for sensitive stomachs, which makes it perfect to feed your pup. In addition, get all the goodness of potatoes and peas with a bit fewer allergens than other foods that might set off their allergies! It’ll keep them healthy without dealing in any inflammation thanks to pumpkin too–meaning slower development as well reduced risk factors like heart disease or cancer down the road when they grow up big dogs who need more nutrients because those pesky bones won’t stop growing quite yet!

  • With low phosphorus levels to support your kidneys
  • A diet free of grains can be an excellent way to reduce irritation and inflammation
  • Approved by holistic veterinarians, these supplements are designed to treat your dog’s health problems
  • Dry food often does not offer a hydration benefit and can be dehydrated naturally
  • This is not the type of bed for small breeds

8. Zignature Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Zignature Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Zignature limited ingredient dog food is made with high-quality, grain-free ingredients. This means that it prioritizes meat and protein over carbs or fats which can be good for dogs who have skin issues related to Inflammation!

It also includes the right balance of carbohydrates, as well as omega 3, ‘s so your pup will enjoy eating this without feeling too full after their mealtime – plus you don’t need any artificial colors OR flavors either because there isn’t anything added except what goes into each recipe naturally from nature itself!

With a 4.7-star rating, many people have reviewed Zignature Limited Ingredient dog food as making their dogs ill and causing allergies but other buyers say that it helps with lamb allergy or skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis (AD).

  • Phosphorus is an essential mineral for kidney health
  • With omega-3s to reduce inflammation and allergies, our food is grain-free
  • Eating enough protein will help you build muscle
  • Fatty acids are important for our health, but too much omega-6 can cause inflammation
  • High phosphorus levels

Non-prescription Low Phosphorus Wet Dog Foods

9. Dave’s Pet Food Restricted Blend Diet Canned Dog Food

Dave’s Pet Food Restricted Blend Diet Canned Dog Food

Dave’s Pet Food wet dog food is great for dogs with kidney problems. The low phosphorus level will help keep your pup’s kidneys in check and the protein percentage (at 4-5%) ensures they’re not too heavy on their system! It also tastes good so there won’t be any trouble digesting it or having an allergic reaction from something else in here unlike some other brands out there where you’ll have no idea what might be causing all those terrible signs like hair loss/stomach upset etc., but don’t worry–we’ve got Dave picked up plenty just like these ones:

“Simply Low Phosphorus Dog Foods For Dogs With Kidney Disease & High Protein Diets.”

  • To aid kidney function, low phosphorus levels (0.6%) are recommended
  • Support kidneys with low protein
  • Grain-free to reduce allergies and inflammation
  • Salty foods can increase blood pressure

10. Instinct Raw Freeze-dried Dog Food

Instinct Raw Freeze-dried Dog Food

When you think about it, dogs are really just humans with fur. They need a lot of the same things that people do – food to fuel their bodies and keep them healthy on all levels!

That’s why Instinct Raw foods contain high-quality protein from organically-sourced meats & bone meals alongside fruits & vegetables in order to make sure your pup gets everything he needs for energy while keeping his phosphorus level low so they stay happy too.

  • Low in phosphorus (0.3%)
  • For inflammation and irritation, there are very few ingredients
  • High protein
  • No additional fish oil
  • Brands that are more expensive than others

11. Solid Gold Green Cow Wet Dog Food

Solid Gold Green Cow Wet Dog Food

This is not your average dog food! Solid Gold Green Cow contains probiotics and healthy fats to help soothe a sensitive stomach, plus it’s gluten-free for those with wheat allergies or sensitivity. The low phosphorus content makes this dish perfect if you have kidney problems too–and because there are no proteins in the ingredients list (just vegetables!), our pets can enjoy eating without worrying about how much protein they’re getting per serving size.

The solid gold green cow is a great option for picky dogs, but it doesn’t have any added salt which might fluctuate blood pressure and there are also no fish oils. Many buyers reviewed that this product made their pets sick or they didn’t like the taste of Solid Gold Green Cow at all; however, others had success with getting their dog weight back after feeding them these meals!

  • Phosphorus is naturally low
  • Grain-free
  • Sensitive stomachs can be gentle
  • Protein low
  • No additional fish oil
  • Salt added to other ingredients could increase blood pressure

Wrapping Up

There are a few different kinds of food out there that can fit into your pet’s diet.  One type is a low-phosphorus dog or cat foods, which have been created with the goal to reduce phosphorus levels in their bodies while still providing them all necessary vitamins and minerals without causing any harm from an excess intake of these nutrients.

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