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10 Best Large Breed Puppy Food Without Chicken [Review]

As a responsible pet owner, you want to make sure that your dog is getting the best possible nutrition. And when it comes to large breed puppy food with chicken, choosing the right food is especially important. Many commercial dog foods contain chicken, but if your dog is allergic to poultry or you’re just looking for an alternative, there are plenty of other options out there. Here are 10 of the best large breed puppy foods without chicken.

It’s hard to escape chicken-based dog food as it seems that many breeds of dogs are turning their noses up at beef and pork.

Different dog foods have different protein bases but they’re not all created equal. Even some that looked great on paper didn’t pass our pup’s sniff test!

After years of searching, our team has found a chicken-free dog food that not only tastes good but also makes their fur healthier. We wrote this review so you can learn what we discovered and share it with your furry friend!

We hope that you’ll have all the information and resources necessary to make an informed decision.

Top 10 Best Large Breed Puppy Food Without Chicken:

1. Whole Earth Farms Dog Food without Chicken

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food without Chicken

Dogs deserve the best, and that’s why this all-natural dog food from Whole Earth Farms is perfect for you. With multiple sources of protein in each formula to ensure healthy digestion with every bite (without using artificial ingredients), your pup can be sure they’re getting exactly what their body needs without worrying about reactivity or allergy issues!

Whether it’s shiny fur due to an increased coat shine component? Or stronger joints thanks to our glucosamine supplement pack. we’ve got everything here at Wholesome Dog Food Company – so go ahead: give them more reasons why being fed wholesome means happy pups everywhere.

Whole Earth Farms believes that a well-balanced diet should be varied to keep your puppy healthy, so they provide several options of proteins in their formulas. We tried the pork and beef recipes which our dogs loved but there were also lamb and mutton for those who prefer it, these ingredients contain no grains or fillers like rice or potatoes either!

They’re complete with added vitamins & minerals too – making them perfect not only as an everyday food but if you have picky eaters on hand too then this might just become one of Your favorite brands without chicken!

  • Grain-free
  • Each formula contains multiple protein sources
  • All-natural
  • There are no by-products
  • No artificial colors, preservatives, or other additives
  • Bags up to 25 lbs are the only option

2. Instinct Be Natural Chicken-free Dog Food

Instinct Be Natural Chicken-free Dog Food

If you’re looking for a high-protein, all-natural dry dog food that will keep your pup healthy and happy then look no further than Instinct’s Be Natural. With 25% crude protein in each piece along with animal proteins from responsibly sourced animals, this is one of our favorite foods to feed them!

It also has fruits & vegetables which help keep their bodies operating at peak efficiency without adding unnecessary carbs or fillers like grains do sometimes–which means happier dogs who live longer life spans too because we know how much stress it takes on us when they get sick often.

We’re confident recommending it in our number two position. Our dogs loved all three of these different options, which are free of ingredients known to trigger food sensitivities and packed with protein!

The best part is that you can vary your pup’s diet between salmon lamb or beef according to their preference so they never get bored eating the same thing every day while still receiving essential nutrients from natural sources like carrots & Sweet Potato combined together for Companionship as well other trace minerals such as the iron found within meats alongside fruits vegetables seeds grains legumes roots bulbs cereal crops omega 3 eggs cook.

  • No fillers
  • Raw coated
  • High Protein Formula – 25%
  • There is no grain-free dog food

3. Natural Balance Ingredient Diets

Natural Balance Ingredient Diets

Limited Ingredients diets are becoming more popular because they have the ability to provide your puppy with all sorts of nutrients while avoiding any artificial flavors or colors. With 20% protein, this food will meet even active dogs’ needs for energy!

It also packs a punch in terms of natural fibers which help regulate digestion.

As the premium choice for the best large breed puppy food without chicken, we think that this product provides your canine with everything they need to live a long and healthy life. It features natural ingredients which are full of vitamins & minerals; helping them shine coat while promoting strong joints!

With an affordable price point as well considering what it does – giving you peace of mind knowing their diet will be high quality?

That’s why our team chose Nutro’s grain-free recipe (with loads more flavor) over other less tasty options out there like Purina Pro Plan Active Senior formula or Pedigreeantage Sensitive Stomach Formula.

  • Grain-free
  • 20% protein
  • Limited ingredients
  • Amazing selection
  • Very expensive

4. Purina Pro Plan Adult Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Adult Dog Food

Purina is a well-known name in dog food, but they’re sold at big box stores. We usually stay away from this brand because of the risk that our pup could get poisoned or even worse; start eating their own poop!

However, ProPlan Focus adult dry formulas are different and much above what we expected from them (even though it’s still not perfect). To start off with high protein content which makes up 26% of total calories?

That already sets it apart as one of the highest sources found across all foods tested so far by us here at Great Dogs Healthy Lives-our pups will certainly appreciate these benefits too.

The perfect puppy food for your pup with a sensitive stomach, this blend is free from corn, wheat, and soy. Despite what it lacks in terms of nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids or protein; you can rest assured knowing that at least they have fiber!

Omega 6’s will help keep the coat healthy as well so don’t worry about giving them skin problems now either since we discovered bugs by the bottom of their bag after just one meal but not enough to take away our top three choices thanks entirely because these proteins worked wonders when addressing those issues beforehand.

  • No soy, wheat, or corn
  • Sensitive stomach
  • Very expensive
  • We found some bugs in our bag

5. Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredient Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet dog food is made from high-quality ingredients so your pup can enjoy a gentle digestive system. You’ll find that there are options for every taste, including chicken breast or lamb contributed by turkey breasts!

This means you don’t have to worry about any allergies affecting their digestion unlike some other brands on the market today which use cheaper substitutes instead of real meat sources like beef & pork. It also contains zero grains – great if they suffer from sensitive stomachs common in dogs who eat too many processed foods+ bleeds intonates.

The limited ingredient formula of this puppy food means it’s got a lot going for it, even if we were disappointed with the protein level. The belief that 20% is enough just doesn’t resonate as well when you’re paying more money than other brands in its class and not getting quite so much extra value out of those ingredients!

  • Lamb is the first ingredient
  • Limited ingredient formula
  • Expensive
  • Minimum protein requirement: 20%

6. Nature’s Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food

Nature’s Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food

Nature’s Recipe dog food contains lamb meal as its first ingredient, which isn’t bad considering how affordable it can be. It also has some healthy vegetables and grains like oats for added fiber–no grain-free formula though!

Nature’s Recipe dog food is a great choice if your pet has allergies or sensitivities to chicken. As an ingredient that can trigger reactions in some animals, this lamb-based dish may not be for them. However!

If you don’t mind the inclusion of fat from poultry and beef sources then we think all pets would benefit greatly from eating it because these meats provide important nutrients otherwise lacking abundantly within most commercial dry foods today.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Natural fiber from oats and barley
  • Additional vitamins, minerals, or nutrients
  • The meal can be used as a source of protein
  • Is poultry fat an ingredient?
  • There is no grain-free recipe

7. ACANA Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

ACANA Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

The ACANA Premium Dog Food has some great ingredients, but we feel like it missed the mark. The meat used in this formula comes from premium sources including freshwater fish which provides your pup with a variety of proteins at once!

There are also 2 red meats options available – one without chicken or turkey AND another featuring venison as well; these will cost you an arm + leg though because they’re among some most expensive foods tested by us (and still pretty pricey compared to others).

The ACANA dog food is full of 60% meat and has an excellent protein percentage, but there’s also more. In the red meat blend, we found lots of hair from grinding up carcasses which isn’t what you want your dogs eating!

Some of them had adverse reactions like diarrhea or vomiting which means this could be a problem if not cooked properly with precautions taken when feeding it so as not to cause any harm.

A commercial voice tone should sound convincing enough: “The quality protein in these delicious kibbles will keep even pickiest eaters coming back for more.”

  • Premium protein options
  • Grain-free
  • 60% meat additions
  • Extremely costly
  • There are lots of hairs in the kibble
  • Some of our dogs got sick

8. Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Our pets are happy when they eat Merrick pet products, but some of our dogs were not satisfied with the dry dog food. It had sweet potato and beef which sounded great to us as well!

However, it caused allergies in them instead though so now we know why those who dislike this food have sensitive skin too like me since corn is one of its ingredients (among others).

We were excited to try out this food because of all the things that are supposed to be great for dogs’ coats, but it didn’t work. They became very dry and flaky after just a few days on the high Omega 3 diet–and now their coat is ANNOYED with itching!

It’s also really expensive so we think something like Whole Earth Farms grain-free would make more sense in terms of price point if you’re looking at both quality & quantity since they give fewer half-truths than Merrick does (though still plenty).

  • Grain-free
  • For healthy skin and coat, Omega-3 and 6 are essential
  • Expensive
  • Some dogs have developed skin allergies
  • It was not a popular choice for all dogs

9. GENTLE GIANTS Natural Dog Food

GENTLE GIANTS Natural Dog Food

Made by Burt Ward, the GENTLE Giants natural dog food is a non-greasy formula meant to help your pup live a healthy and long life. It smells great!

To us humans though it didn’t seem so perfect with its atrocious smell that filled our home for days on end even after just one feeding session-even if you don’t like dogs or their cuisine (we know some people who do) this won’t be ideal as an option due in part from how expensive things can get when trying new brands/formulations out there.

  • Non-GMO
  • Very expensive
  • It has a horrible smell
  • It was not something our dogs wanted to eat

10. Zignature Goat Dry Dog Food

Zignature Goat Dry Dog Food

The Zignature brand food is made with goat as its protein source. It makes sense for it to be so high-priced, considering that the first ingredient listed on their label?

Goats! We love how this dog’s formula prioritize quality proteins and are an excellent choice if your pet has allergies or sensitivities related to other foods they may eat in addition to beef liver oil which seems like such a big deal but isn’t when you compare ingredients lists side by those nasty artificial preservatives.

The first few doses of this product were great, but we quickly found that the breath and high price made it too much of an unpleasant experience. We recommend choosing a different brand for your dog when they try to give you love!

  • Limited ingredient formula
  • Extremely costly
  • Bad breath from goat formula

Wrapping Up

Chicken-free dog foods can be a great choice for your pup, but it is important to find the right one. We’ve tested ten different brands and found that Whole Earth Farms has been awarded as our favorite without chicken!

Each formula includes a diverse selection of high-quality protein sources, it’s all-natural, and it’s free of by-products, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives. The dogs loved the taste, and we loved the health benefits.

You can’t go wrong with any of these three great options from Instinct. We recommend the Be Natural dog food for its high quality and value, without fillers or preservatives like others that are put into most foods today!

With 25% protein content, it’s perfect to feed your pup a healthy diet no matter what allergies they have–or even if you’re just looking out towards their future health needs as well!. In addition,”

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